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Sunday, August 19, 2007



Jill...I so feel your pain. I think that you are doing a great job by trying to keep the marriage in your view and try and remember that the wedding is only one day. How about making the party be a cake reception? I have been to a lot of those lately. No big meal (that you probably won't have time to eat anyway)...just a nice little appetizers/cake party. Just a thought to make your options more open. Thinking about you and so excited for you!

Corrina Holloway

You dont know me from a bar of soap but i had to comment. You sound so sad and depressed about your wedding. My DH and i also had to pay for our own wedding (along with a mortgage). I decided that we would only have our immediate family and those friends that we truly could not live without. All up we had about 25 people - not a lot at all. Becasue there were not many, we all had a truly incrediable meal on the deck of a restaurant overlooking the river. We all had a ball. There was another wedding being held there in the reception room, with all the trimmings and heaps of people, i saw the bride in the toilets sobbing. People still remember and talk about my wedding - and i wouldnt change a thing. Think about who is really important here and do what you can within your budget and try to have fun. Our wedding guests all gave money instead of gifts and we used that to pay for our wedding photos. Hope all goes well for you.


I get it. I remember. This September 6th marks ten years of marriage for Tim and I. My advice, have an evening wedding, then you don't have to do the "full" dinner and can have EVERYONE!

However that being said...if I ever did it again (and I'm really praying that I never would have to lol) I'd elope! Or do the simple evening, candle light wedding ...

Either way...enjoy your day. I know its hard not to stress, but thats normal. Just pray, pray, pray. God is good, you'll figure this out!

Sending you love and prayers!

Stevie K

I must say I agree. I say go with the wedding ceremony {make your own bouqets, decor} then have a small reception with cake and picks. Take care Jill...this day is your day!

nichole pereira

I am so happy to hear about your wedding! I can totally relate to everything about the wedding. I am getting married in 7 weeks and what I had hoped we be about 100 people has quickly become over 200! It's really hard when you have a large family and everyone is so happy for you and wants to be part of your day. You will figure it out...AND our honeymoon is going to be in Canada, woohoo!



As with the others, I also understand. Derek and I will be celebrating our tenth anniversary next year. We had a big wedding because he has a lot of relatives. I felt the same way you did and I still remember how much I wanted to cancel our wedding two weeks beforehand and elope. If I had eloped or done a smaller wedding, maybe I would have regretted not having everyone there, but the stress of planning the wedding and fighting with parents and the fighting amongst the bridesmaids was not worth it. I was also hurt when people chose not to attend our wedding. Why is a wedding day supposed to be so happy and beautiful, yet it is so stressful? If you ever need to vent, give me a call anytime!

By the way, I know an amazing little dress place (about an hour away) that sells wedding gowns at a fraction of the price charged by city shops. They can usually order any gown, as long as the customer knows the the maker and style number.


kristin hohenadel

what it sounds like you need is a friend with a really really big backyard. Unfortunately, it's not me. We're actually looking for a new house with a few acers. On one of our tours we were talking about my sister's wedding and how fun it would be to have the world's largest pot luck wedding. Ipod as a dj, paper plates and flowers from the garden.

I'd gladly have 500 people at my wedding if it didn't cost so much per plate. Everyone who has ever touched my life would be there. I just don't know how to get the cost per plate down which is so frusterating.

I obviously don't have any advice but i do feel for you xoxo


OH, ((HUGE HUGS)) I feel for you, I really do.
When my sister got married, I did everything and I mean everything. The only difference between me and her was that she got the white dress and the hubby. I got the stress, the work and the exhaustion. but in the end, it was a good day and my sister was happy (even though we forgot the 150 tea biscuits my grandmother made for the strawberry shortcake dessert - home in the freezer). But, I know what not to do when and if I ever get married.
You know one thing you could do (and I know you don't want to, I hope this doesn't sound mean and it will suck to do it but,)to cut down numbers is to not have the kids there. I realize that's super hard to do especially since Elijah will be there but a plate is the same price no matter how much they eat - kids or adults. I'm like you though, I'd have everyone I know there. I'd want everyone that means something to me to be there to see me make the most important commitment I will ever make in my life. It's such a beautiful thing and I'd really want people to experience that with me.
Vent away my darling, I'll always listen.

Kelly (aka PhotohappyCdn)

Just keep in mind that not everyone you invite is going to be able to make it though.

Have you considered an evening candlelight wedding? There would be no dinner but sandwiches, coffee etc later at night and shouldn't cost as much as dinner.

I'm sure it will all work out but it will be frustrating getting there. Keep your head up and do what you really want to do.

Julie Hickey

Oh, Jill. I hear ya, girl. Shawn and I didn't know how we were going to pay for our wedding either and we ended up using a lot of the money that people gave us as gifts to pay for the catering! We hired a photographer through a friend and got all of the photos, negatives and prints for $500. I made my own cake and missed the rehearsal dinner because I was still at the local hall decorating it! (nobody bothered to ask me if I needed any help setting up at the hall, but they sure did show up for the rehearsal dinner and pig out!). But after all of the worry, we had about 100 people at the local hall, and had a wonderful time. Shawn's parents bought the booze, a friend did our DJing for us, my Mother made the dresses for the bridesmaids, etc.

Friends of our actually had a potluck wedding meal and it worked out really well. I know it's a little untraditional, but who says that things have to be totally traditional anyway?

Courtney DeLaura

I did a wedding on a SHOE STRING BUDGET...
email me sweet friend.
I may have some ideas for you!!!

Much love


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