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Tuesday, November 11, 2008



We found...but didn't tell anyone else. I agree with the whole bonding thing. Although keep in mind...they could tell you the wrong one and you might end up with the opposite :) That being said. I would find out.

Heather M.

We waited with both and it was the most wonderful surprise both times. My thinking = there are so few wonderful surprises in life that it's worth waiting (but I can also understand wanting to find out too).


find out! couldn't stand the suspense of not knowing. LOL!

my friend's parents tried for a girl.....gave up after 5 boys. hee hee hee

PhotohappyCdn - Kelly

I waited with both of my pregnancies and the surprise was worth it to me even though I seemed to think I was having girls both times! (and I did!)

I didn't want to find out ahead of time in case they were wrong. Going in not knowing worked better for me.

I'm glad to see you have updated your blog! I have been checking in randomly and was ecstatic to see you back in the online world!

About the car accident, over time it will get better as long as you keep driving. Glad to hear you and the baby are okay. Although I am glad for the airbags, they can do some damage! I lost a tooth and was bruised up quite a bit in our car accident a couple of years ago but it could have been so much worse!

Take care & keep smiling,

Laurie Olsen

I would find out, I did with all three, but what ever you choose to do will be fun and great!

hoganfe handmade handbag originals

We waited but it is fun to have a choice!


Happy New Year!


Update girl :) Let us know what is going on with the baby.

MNScrapbookmom - Kyra

I keep checking back for an update... Hope you are well. :) Kyra¥

PhotohappyCdn aka Kelly

Another one checking in for an update! Hope that life is treating you well! :)

MNScrapbookmom - Kyra

Your due any day...
I hope that you will soon share how you are doing. Thinking of you and hoping that you are well. Kyra¥


Hope you have had your baby and all is well!! Please post soon to tell your faithful blog readers who have been checking in to see how you are doing!!



She had a boy! And REALLY needs to update this blog! LOL!

Stephanie Klauck

I see in the comments you had a boy!
Huge congrats to you Mark and Elijah on the new addition!
Hope to see pics soon!

Stevie K

Greetings Jill! Wanted to stop by and say Congratulations on the marriage and new addition! Elijah must be so very excited to have a little brother! Happy Holidays!!!

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